peng3dnet.errors - Exception Classes

This module contains the various exception classes used by peng3dnet.

Most methods and functions that use these exceptions will have a link to the appropriate exception in their documentation.

exception peng3dnet.errors.InvalidAddressError[source]

Indicates that a given address is not valid and thus cannot be used.

exception peng3dnet.errors.InvalidPortError[source]

Indicates that the port supplied or parsed is not valid.

exception peng3dnet.errors.InvalidHostError[source]

Indicates that the host supplied or parsed is not valid or applicable.

exception peng3dnet.errors.UnsupportedAddressError[source]

Indicates that the address supplied is not supported, but may still be valid.

exception peng3dnet.errors.InvalidSmartPacketActionError[source]

Raised if the invalid_action of a SmartPacket is not valid.

exception peng3dnet.errors.TimedOutError[source]

Indicates that some action has timed out, this includes connections, requests and any other applicable action.

exception peng3dnet.errors.FailedPingError[source]

Indicates that a ping request has failed, usually due to a timeout.

exception peng3dnet.errors.RegistryError[source]

Indicates that a registry has encountered an error.

exception peng3dnet.errors.AlreadyRegisteredError[source]

Indicates that the object given has already been registered.