peng3dnet.util - Utility functions


Normalizes the given address to a string like

This method is currently not implemented.

peng3dnet.util.normalize_addr_socketstyle(addr, default_port=8080)[source]

Normalizes the given address to a 2-tuple as accepted by the socket module.

Currently accepts a 2-tuple and IPv4 addresses in string format.

If the address does not contain a port, the default_port will be used.

Note that this function will pass through any exceptions raised by parsing functions it calls.

peng3dnet.util.parse_address(addr, default_port=8080)[source]

Parses an IP Address into a tuple of (addr,port).

If the address does not contain an explicitly specified port, the value given with default_port is used.

Note that currently only IPv4 addresses are supported, but IPv6 support may be added in the future. If an IPv6 Address is detected, a UnsupportedAddressError will be raised.

Additionally, the port returned is checked for plausibility, e.g. an integer in range 0-65535. If the port is invalid in any way, a InvalidPortError will be raised.